Secondary Gold Coin Market is Thriving in 2021


Cash for Your Gold has noticed a particularly impressive rise in demand for gold coins of late. In a world of lockdown restrictions, economic turbulence and sheer uncertainty pervading, it’s understandable that demand for one of the most precious safe havens has risen in the last year. Now, we believe it could be an opportune […]

Post-Lockdown Era Looks Bright for Selling Gold

Vintage gold jewelry with copy space

Understandably, money has been tight for many in the last year or so. Markets took a hit, and many of us have that bit less disposable income than we expected as a result of the pandemic and the lockdown that ensued.  However, gold could be a great tonic to boost your cashflow, if you time […]

Getting the Right Cash for Your Gold and Silver

Gold Silver Precision Antique Vintage Pocket Watch Bodies Parts

Rising demand for precious metals from both buyers and sellers in the past 20 years means that there is growing interest in the authenticity of items being exchanged. Cash for Your Gold has seen many things over the years. One phenomenon we have observed is the prevalence of items which are purported to be gold, […]